Chi Kung / Qigong / 氣功

At The EBM Kung Fu Academy, nothing is stressed more than the basics. Without a solid foundation, it is very difficult to make progress. All martial art forms as well as free fighting require that one has a strong foundation. At EBM we supplement all of the martial arts that we teach with extensive ch'i kung practices and body conditioning systems. The ch'i kung systems that we teach in their entirety are the following:

  • The 108 Lohan Kung Fu Strength & Conditioning Series
  • Muscle Sinew Washing
  • Bone Marrow Washing
  • Northern Star Ch'i Kung
  • Huashan Series
  • Crane Ch'i Kung
  • T'ai Chi Ch'uan Ho Shi Fa
  • Hsing I Ch'uan Dragon Body Series
  • Various Standing Meditation Methods

    Ch'i kung practice strengthens the body, regulates the vital fluids (jing), builds physical energy (ch'i) and cultivates ones mental concentration and spirit (shen). Regular practice of ch'i kung develops a deeper understanding of the internal aspect of the martial arts.

    Body conditioning is an essential aspect of all the training at EBM. Having a strong constitution is essential for anyone interested in the fighting aspect of martial arts. Most of the conditioning exercises taught at EBM are from the 108 Lohan exercises as taught by Grand master Kwan Sai Hung. The Lohan series consists of solo and two person strengthening exercises that utilize every part of the body. The series is extremely rigorous and effective for any style of martial art. The 108 Lohan series is a very involved system in its own right.

    Toughen my sinews, harden my bones, Make my blood flow freely, I will then be young forever In touch with the realm of gods.
    - Canon of the Great Void (Classic Taoist Text)