The EVOLVING BODY MIND INSTITUTE is a fully recognized 501c.3 NONPROFIT CORPORATION in accordance with both California State and the Federal government.

Grandmaster Wong Jack Man lineage's makes up the core curriculum of EBM (Northern styles of Kung Fu, T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Hsing I Ch'uan). The Ch'i Kung, strength training, meditation and Lohan body conditioning are from Grandmaster Kwan Sai Hung's lineage. The San Shou training is a combination of traditional Sanda Fighting methods with Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling. We are forever indebted to the great masters for sharing their arts and lineages.

Philosophy and Methods of EBM

Kung Fu training is a vehicle for personal growth. Through enduring the physical rigors of Kung Fu training one transforms their body. Through facing the challenges of Kung Fu training one acheives greater self knowledge and confidence. EBM Kung Fu Academy provides the methodical, time tested Kung Fu curriculum for this complete personal growth. EBM Kung Fu dispenses with many of the honorifics and formalism of traditional martial arts and provides a down to earth, friendly environment for training.

The curriculum of EBM consists of both internal and external Chinese martial arts styles. The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, San Shou Fighting and body conditioning are commonly recognized as external methods. T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Hsing I Ch'uan and ch'i gung are commonly thought of as internal training methods. These systems are taught as belonging to the same general family-- each style complementing the other. In traditional fashion, the external styles and body conditioning are taught first in order to develop a strong foundation for the internal styles.

Aside from the foundation ch'i kung and conditioning the primary focus of the training at EBM can be broken down into three categories:

Form practice (Ta Lu) The training progression starts with the practice of the solitary forms of the arts. These forms, which are very rigorous, are meant to teach basic body mechanics, and to develop balance and flexibility.

Partner practice Solitary practice progresses into two-person forms, which develop practical ability through choreographed drills.

Free sparring (San Shou) Once the proper foundation is set and the body is conditioned, the student is eligible for the sparring aspect of San Shou. San Shou fighting develops actual fighting ability. For those interested, training for competition is available.