Kwan Sai Hung

1920 – present

Kwan Sai Hung was born in China in 1920 to a prominent martial arts family. As a youth, he had opportunities to train with many great masters and eventually being trained as a Taoist Monk at South Peak Monastery, Huashan Mountain, Northern China, eventually being fully ordained into the Zheng-Yi Path of Taoism.

Mr. Kwan, as he liked to be called (he disdained honorifics), has lived an amazing life. Born in aristocracy and chosen for the spiritual path of asceticism in the Taoist Monastery at Huashan. Kwan trained with many great martial arts masters in China and even fought in combat. When he left China he traveled the world, studying in India, traveling through Europe and America, living in many cultures, and always following his path.

Kwan has practiced his arts in relative seclusion for more than 90 years. Kwan taught a private class in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center for many years. Kwan's classes were 4 hours in duration usually consisting of rigorous strength training, kung fu, chi kung, and meditation. Kwan also taught Taoism as a holistic practice that encompasses diet, exercise, philosophy, meditation, asceticism and all aspects of one's personal affairs. Kwan is a remarkable teacher with unimaginable depth and insight. Kwan is also a kind and generous person who always seeks to help those in need.