We can travel to your school, whether domestic or international, and provide a cost effective method of expanding your curriculum.

We offer two day seminar intensives on the following subjects:

San Shou San Shou Training Methods, partner drills, grappling, punching & wrestling, kick catching.
Tai Chi Yang Tai Chi Pushing Hands / Applications / Chi Kung / Da Lu / Tui Shou / power training
Chi Kung Entire Buddhist Classic Muscle Sinew Washing Chi Kung System from Shaolin Temple.
Chi Kung Entire Taoist Ba Gua Zhang North Star Chi Kung System.
Strength Strength / Flexibility / Stamina Training from the classic 108 lohan system.

The schedule looks like this (12 hours of training/Q&A):
Saturday - 10AM-1PM Overview and Training
Saturday - 1PM-2PM break
Saturday - 2PM-5PM Training

Sunday - 10AM-1PM Training
Sunday - 1PM-2PM break
Sunday - 2PM-5PM Conclusion & Complete Review

The pricing of the seminar is determined on a seminar by seminar basis.

Please inquire for pricing and availability by emailing us. For more details, please contact us directly:

EBM Kung Fu Academy
666 63rd Street
Oakland CA 94609
(510) 658 3378